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To work 40 hours a week at our location at 9526 Dr. Perry Road, Ijamsville, MD 21754, please send your resume and list of references to: Michael Kim, Principal using the address above. Qualified applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in architecture and 76 months of progressive experience in the field of architecture, particularly experience with projects related to golf course and event center design and construction. Duties include, among others, planning, directing, and coordinating a comprehensive range of activities in the fields of architecture, engineering, site planning, land development and business case feasibility. Must have experience in identifying and implementing golf course and event center best practices for the design, operations and management of golf courses and event centers in Korea and China. Must be able to execute all aspects of architectural and engineering design and construction documentation, research latest trends, manage all phases of design relating to the development and construction of a wide range of buildings used in the operation of golf courses and event facilities in accordance with various state and local codes. Oversee comprehensive research and development of best practices in golf course land use projects, including staff and workload management, collaborating with other managers of the company to identify needs along with relevant goals and objectives. Formulate detailed plans to accomplish all designs and processes relating to the company’s various land development projects. Determine staff training and equipment needed to implement the development projects. Set goals and develop detailed business plans, including schedules, budgets, staff and equipment needs, and monitor quality control for the construction and operations of all buildings and facilities during and after construction.